"There's no reason to stereotype yourself. Doing math is like going to the gym - it's a workout for your brain and it makes you smarter." -Danica McKellar

How do we learn to read? We read. How do we learn to swim? We swim. How do we learn math? WE DO MATH

The Common Core movement highlights the need for students to engage in mathematics to learn. This represents shift for some teachers; our job is to provide the resources and human capital supports to help all math teachers effectively instruct their students.

This page includes resources for teachers, schools, and districts to use in implementing and maintaining a student-focused math classroom.

Student Achievement Partners Instructional Practice Guides

Student achievement Partners created the Classroom Instructional Practice Guides to assist teachers, coaches, and administrators formatively assess alignment of classsroom practice with Common Core State Standards. The Instructional Practice Guides are useful as a planning tool as well as an instrument to track growth in classroom instruction with Nevada Academic Content Standards (NACS) over time.
Core Action 1 is the place to start on these guides, with observational data one can see in every classroom every day. Core Action 1 reflects the three instructional shifts outlined by the CCSS and NACS: focus, coherence, and rigor.
Click here for the K-8 Mathematics Instructional Practice Guide
Click here for the 9-12 Mathematics Instructional Practice Guide

Illustrative Mathematics

Did you know each NVACs standard has an associated level of rigor? NVACs rigor is defined as a balance of procedural skill and fluency, conceptual understanding, and application in equal intensity. Each standard reflects one of these aspects of rigor so that children grow in a focused, coherent mathematics framework. Illustrative Mathematics includes math illustrations (tasks) that reflect the level of rigor for each standard, helping teachers understand the thresholds of rigor within their grade level. Free classroom and professional develoment resoures are continuously added to the site. Click here to visit the Illustrative Mathematics site