Standards and STEM Learning

- Next Generation Science Standards

- Nevada STEM Coalition

- Nevada Next Generation Science / STEM


STEM Support
- Nevada GEMS (Great Explorations in Science and Math)

- Project WET Wiki

- DRI Green Boxes

- Nevada Climate Change Portal

- UNR College of Engineering Mobile Education Lab

- Aerospace Education Resources

- Project Wet

Lessons, Inquiries and Projects and Examples

High Hopes Project Wiki Page

- Drones

- Pre-K - 2 "Heavy Lifting"

- Livebinder Kindergarten STEM Lessons

- Project Wet

- 100 Card Challenge

- 5th grade Energizing Energy Project

- The Ruler Game - Inches

- Record Paper AirplaneLaunch

- The Ruler Game - Metric

Blogs & About Blogging

- How to set up Kidblogs video

- Blogging In School - Wiki

- Kidblogs

- 5th Grade Denton Dynamo's

- 4th - 6th Collaborative Class

- 1st Grade Mrs. Cassidy's Class Blog


- NTTSI Wiki

- Earth Systems Matter Wiki

- CrosbyClass Wiki

World Water Monitoring Day Challenge

- Pathways To Space Wiki

- NV STEM Inquiry Institute

- Wring Out Washcloth In Space

- STEM Education Alliance

- Going to the Bathroom In Space

- NWRPDP Home Page

- Environmental Education and Outreach

RPDP STEM Flickr Photo Page

- Donors Choose - support for classroom

- YouTube Channel

Online Tools

- GearSketch

- YouPlisher

- Flickr

- Wes Fryer's iPad Coding Apps List

- FD's Flickr Toys

- NClab - Programming Platform

- Wikispaces for Teachers


- LandFillHarmonic

- Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk

- When There is a Correct Answer

- My TEDxDenverED Talk

- STEM Pinterest Links

Background Info For Projects

- Wind Energy

- Cantilevers

National Geographic Explorer Magazines

Young Explorer - Grades K - 2
Pioneer Edition - Grades 2 - 4
Pathfinder Edition - Grades 4 - 6
Extreme Explorer - Grades 6 - 8

Brian Crosby, Regional STEM Learning Facilitator380 Edison WayReno, NV

The Nevada Department of Education defines STEM: STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education focuses on active teaching and learning, centered on relevant experiences, problem-solving, and critical thinking processes. STEM education emphasizes the natural interconnectedness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and their connection to other disciplines, to produce informed citizens that possess and apply the necessary understandings to expand Nevada’s STEM-capable workforce in order to compete in a global society.

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